When men visit the escorts, most of the time the escorts will not care on how they look like as far as the client pays. However, when an escort meets a really good looking man who also treats her right, she may decide to give a discount so that the same man can come to her often. The discount is supposed to make the man come back and the girl may not mind having a relationship with such handsome man, even if money is not involved into it. However, a handsome man should not visit an escort thinking that he will get a discount. Getting a discount is just an exception and not a norm. Most of the time, the escort just want your money, regardless of how you look or not. As any other business, getting a discount can depend on many other things but not how you look.

Some people are not sure why good looking men who are able to get any girl they fancy can choose instead to visit escort. However, these men do not like to enter into a relationship because they do not want to commit so they think it is better to meet glamorous and beautiful women who are ready to go to bed with them but who are not going to ask anything in return than money.

Most men do not pay for sex; they pay so that the Orlando escorts will leave them alone after sex. These men want to get just sex without any preliminaries or any denouement. In normal situation, women are looking for relationship and not sex. If you are attractive: women, regardless if they are escorts or not, they will want to sleep with you as a sign of interest. The girls hang around and they want to be your girlfriend or something else.

The escorts already like you but when you pay for her services, then the relationship becomes transactional and she will have to go away when you finish with her. When the escort is paid, then the relationship is not that emotional. If you are a handsome man, then you will want this boundary since many girls will be after you.

Handsome men who are looking to have just sex, they do not want to spend money in buying dinner or drinks or playing the pickup game. When men are paying the escort, they will be choosy of who they pick. You may have sex with a woman who looks stunning and whom you cannot be able to get in the normal circumstances. Even if you may be handsome and you can have any woman you like, it can be hard for you to date a woman that beautiful or you may not be looking for the relationship with her. Handsome men who visit escorts are doing honorable acts since they are not telling their women what they wish to hear so that they may get in their pants. They do not play game with the heart of someone. Some of these men may also have been burned before or they have passed through divorces and other hassle of relationships. For them, it is better to pay man to the escort instead of trying to maintain a relationship with a girl. Paying an escort is cheaper than having to pay for drinks, presents, dinner and dates.

Another reason of hiring an Orlando escort is that besides being beautiful, she is also skilled in bedroom matter. She is ready to get involved into any fantasy you may be having in mind.